The IRS announced this month that they are proposing a revised schedule of user fees that would take effect on Jan. 1, 2017, and apply to any taxpayer who enters into an installment agreement.

An installment agreement is a payment plan between a taxpayer and IRS to pay down debt in smaller amounts over time. According to the IRS, here is what they are proposing:

  • Regular installment agreement: $225
  • Regular direct debit installment agreement: $107
  • Online payment agreement: $149
  • Direct debit online payment agreement: $31
  • Restructured or reinstated installment agreement: $89
  • Low-income rate: $43

These rates would increase for people who would enter an installment agreement via phone, mail, or by filing Form 9465. However, the fee would be decreased for those paying with a direct debit from their bank account.

In a press release, the IRS states, “The IRS intends to continue providing reduced-fee or no-cost services to low-income taxpayers. For that reason, the IRS will continue subsidizing part of the cost of providing installment agreements to low-income taxpayers.”

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