While we immerse ourselves in all the wonders of the season, this is also the perfect time to get plans in motion for 2016, looking ahead into 2016. Put any financial problems in expert hands so you can start out the new year fresh and with expert support. We are happy to speak with you and offer a free consultation.

If you or anyone you know has been putting off dealing with tax debt problems (personally or with a business), the worse the situation will get. Interest continues to amass, and the penalties keep getting worse. Why suffer and stress when you can have experts take over and help? We want you to enjoy this time of year and for all the years moving forward.

Tax Debt Assistance, the sister company to O’Hare Associates, CPAs, has been resolving tax debt problems in the New England states for years, and are very aware of how the IRS operates. We understand what happens when you ignore the IRS, and our clients have experienced firsthand the benefits of hiring expert tax resolution professionals instead of trying to resolve tax problems on their own.

We are committed to helping families, businesses, and individuals with tax and accounting and want to make sure your holidays are enjoyed and the IRS doesn’t take any of your hard-earned money.

We invite you to schedule a free tax analysis today by calling us at (855) 479-2400 or filling our our online contact.