There is a telephone scam happening where people claiming to be the IRS are calling innocent victims and telling them they owe money, which must be paid through a pre-loaded debit card or a wire transfer. Do not fall victim to this IRS phone scam!

These scam artists are not only tricky, but they are also known to be nasty – it has been reported by some who refuse that they are threatened with jail time, deportation or suspension of a business or driver’s license. This is not the IRS calling!

It is important to note that the IRS will never:

  • Call you about taxes owed without first mailing you a bill.
  • Call demanding an immediate payment.
  • Require you to pay taxes without letting you ask questions or appeal.
  • Request that you use a specific payment method (i.e. prepaid debit car or wire transfer).
  • Ask for credit card numbers over the phone.
  • Threaten to have you arrested for not paying.

According to the Treasury Inspector General’s office, more than 3,000 people nationwide have fallen for IRS scams since 2013. If you get a call from someone who claims they are the IRS and are asking for a payment, here’s what you can do:

If you do owe back taxes in the New England area and need expert tax resolution support, call our office at (855) 479-2400 so we can explain your options.

For more information about tax scams, please visit the IRS here.